Warm design for a classic deck


Composite is the most durable decking product on the market, it is impervious to rot, mold, and insects. Composite does not require the maintenance of a wood deck and has a much longer life span. The initial investment is greater but well worth it.



A classic natural looking deck

Treated wood is the most classic natural looking deck there is to have.



















A trendy exotic or tropical deck gets a signature look.


Brazilian decking is world renowned for its genuine strength, natural mold resistance, & elegant appearance. Brazilian hardwoods naturally resist mold, decay, & termites - no chemicals needed! A proven lifespan of at least 30+ years. A safe, natural and fast-drying slip resistant surface. Safe for bare feet, & surface stays cooler even during hot weather. A wide range of colors that match to accentuate your home's style.



Let us build you an amazing view


We are the masters at the waterfront designs. We do mainly all of our jobs along the Lake Erie shore line this year. From erosion control all the way to your next dream deck and water front stairs.